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As your dental experts in Bellevue, we are excited to assist you in the journey to your stunning and radiant smile.

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Children's Dentistry
Our family-oriented, fun-spirited office environment caters to patients of all ages! We help both parents and children with the dental care that all "little guys" require! From their first visit to their scheduled cleaning appointments, Dr. Blanchard is both gentle and patient, and his soft and tender approach makes him a perfect fit for children.
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Cosmetic Dentistry
Your smile can say it all and our cosmetic dentistry services can take it to another level. Since we thrive on developing relationships with our patients, Dr. Blanchard has the keen ability to craft a smile customized to your personality. By harmonizing the characteristics of your bite, skin color, eyes, and facial features, your smile will truly be one-of-a-kind.
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Quality oral care is crucial in our practice. We offer full preventative sealant options for our patients, giving them peace of mind and a healthy smile. We place a significant importance on preventative dental treatments. Sealant materials are placed in the pits and fissures (chewing surfaces) of permanent molar and premolar teeth at the back of the mouth, stopping bacteria from causing cavities.
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Implant Restorations
Of all the techniques modern dentistry offers to replace missing teeth, dental implants are by far the best. There is no tooth-replacement option that will give you a longer-lasting result. Implants also help preserve tooth-supporting bone that naturally deteriorates when a tooth is lost. Dr. Blanchard completes the restorations of dental implants and works closely with an oral surgeon to make sure the placement of the implant is accurate. Schedule your appointment and we would be happy to walk you through the process.
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Crowns and Bridges
Dr. Blanchard loves dentistry for many reasons, one being the ability to better lives in an artistic way. Our crowns and bridges are a perfect example of this. Dental crowns are coverings that fit over damaged, decayed, or unattractive teeth. A crown completely covers a tooth above the gum line. They strengthen damaged teeth and allow them to function normally again. Bridges can offer the replacement for a missing tooth, which gives you the confidence to smile. Depending on the extensiveness of the damage, Dr. Blanchard will recommend which restoration is best for your smile.
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Metal-Free Fillings
We take patient health more than seriously; it is of the greatest importance. Dr. Blanchard offers metal-free fillings, replacing decayed areas of your teeth and cleaned by our oral care specialists. In essence, metal-free fillings offer you a better, healthier smile.
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Tooth Extractions
Dr. Blanchard’s main goal is to preserve your natural teeth and keep them healthy for as long as possible. However, a tooth may need to be removed. When this happens, Dr. Blanchard works to remove your painful tooth and offer you the best solution for replacement.
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Root Canals
As your Bellevue dentist, Dr. Blanchard offers root canal treatments that are quick and painless. We always strive to make your stay with us both comfortable and rewarding. Although we hope to keep all of our patients' teeth healthy, sometimes a root canal becomes necessary. We are gentle with our root canal treatments with anesthetic and keep you informed throughout your whole appointment - leaving you feeling secure and relaxed in our care and giving you the opportunity to regain your quality of life.
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Inlays & Onlays
Bellevue Inlays & Onlays Do you have damaged teeth? Sometimes if the damage to a tooth is too extensive, it can’t be treated with a simple filling, and yet it may not be ready for a full-coverage crown. Inlays or onlays are the options for you. Dr. Blanchard uses fabricated fillings and will professionally bond it to your teeth, leaving you with a strong, restored tooth, focused on beauty and longevity.
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Bellevue Dentures Tired of slipping and sliding dentures? At Dr. Blanchard's office, we offer implant-retained dentures, giving your new teeth a secure fit. This allows you to eat your favorite foods, speak with clarity, and smile with confidence.
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Sleep Apnea
Bellevue Sleep Apnea Snoring is no laughing matter. It could be a sign of sleep apnea, which can lead to serious health risks. Unlike the dreaded CPAP machine, we offer comfortable oral appliances to help stop snoring and improve your quality of life.
‘‘I had a broken filling that needed repair. I called Dr. B and was able to get in the next day. Very friendly receptionist, nice updated office environment. Dr. B and his assistant were very professional, and they performed the procedure in a very meticulous,
gentle manner without pain.